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Only Router is not Enought when it comes to big areas and Better Needs. these days with increasing Demand of Quality Internet & Better connectivity has grown. to Full fil the needs of Big houses with thick walls Range extenders are Go to devices.

Today in this post we will explain How you can setup Belkin Range Extender with your existing wifi network. we also intend to help you Get an idea in how you can troubleshoot setup related issues but that’s for later within this Post-

Unboxing & Installation

since belkin extender is a plug & play device it should be easy enought to connect & install.

  • open the box and prepare the cables, connect belkin extender to the power outlet.
  • connect the power cable to Belkin extender and turn the switch on.
  • Belkin extender can be configured using any android, ios, windows device with full browser.

the belkin extender can be Configure in three methods –

  1. Belkin extender Setup using Wireless
  2. setup Belkin extender using Ethernet cable

troubleshooting Belkin range extender will also be a talking point in this post.

Now lets Get started & begin the Belkin setup. with one by one method-

Belkin Range Extender Setup

  • Once the extender is powered on go to your computer or Phone
  • Refresh the network list and look for a new Belkin network mostly by the name of Belkin.setup please connect with it as it should be unsecured by default.
  • once connected type http://belkin.range at the top of your Browser and login to your Belkin extender console.

Belkin.range & can also be used to Login the Belkin range extender. in most cases, these given web address and ip is the default gateway & default IP for Belkin range extender. for Belkin router login one can use

  • once you logged into your extender Please follow the the onscreen instruction.
  • Select your language, time Zone & Country & click Next.
  • Now your range extender will search for available network around you.
  • select your main WiFi network and click Next then type the password of your main WiFi network & click Connect
  • Once you are Connected it may ask you to Create the name of your extended Network & you can choose it what ever you would like.
  • you can also create the password of your choosing for your belkin range extender different then your main wifi network password.

Now Follow on-screen instructions and Complete the setup then save & close the settings to finalize the configuration. your belkin extender should be connected & ready to work.

if your have failed the given methods & if this is not working then before trying any new steps given below or retrying the same steps Please reset the belkin extender to avoid any mess-ups.

Placement of Belkin Range Extender

after setup Please Place & plug your Belkin extender in the Middle of your Home. depending on your existing router network You should Place the extender. for example, if your router has good connectivity for upto 50 feets then you should Place it within the 45 feets of the range to extend the network Properly.

Belkin Extender Setup Using Internet Cable

using an ethernet cable to install Belkin extender is just Like a wireless way of setting up Belkin extender with a small change. instead of wireless, we use the ethernet cable to make the connection from the extender to the computer. Let’s get to know the steps-

  • Plug the Belkin extender to the power outlet & connect the Ethernet cable from your laptop to the Ethernet port of the Belkin extender.
  • turn off the laptop WiFi address to avoid any conflicts.
  • Go to your computer and open the web browser.
  • type http://belkin.range or in your address bar & press enter.
  • Once Logged in Follow the onscreen instructions or as instructed in method one to setup Belkin range extender.
  • after settings are configured Disconnect the ethernet cable from the extender & computer & place the extender where the signals are week.

Belkin range extender has many models of range extender that now come with Dual-band & they can help you get strengthen your existing wifi network.

we have also Provided a Guide where you can learn how to set up another Belkin extender Model. this article is similar but was based only for Belkin n600 range extender setup

Troubleshooting Belkin extender

Since Belkin extender is a Plug & play device that can be reset and configured in Quick steps there is nothing much that can be done as troubleshooting.

Reset belkin range extender

it’s Quite easy just follow simple Steps & restore the belkin extender back to factory defaults.

  • Wear rubber gloves or any other electricity resistant material on hand.
  • Plug the Belkin extender to power outlet and turn it on
  • Wait for it to Boot up & locate the reset key (hole) at the back of your Belkin extender.
  • Now find any tiny object such as paperclip, tooth pic or anything that can go into that reset hole.
  • Press the reset key & hold it for 10-20 seconds while its powered on and when you see all lights flashing just let the reset key Go & restart the range extender & this should restore the belkin extender back to defaults.

mostly people don’t face the issue with belkin extender but when you do please reset the extender and configure it back. other then this if you have any Questions Just ask us below in the comments & we will provide an instant reply to your Questions.